What you should do

  1. Do what the public health authorities recommend

      • Yes, the recommendations change. Yes, it's a pain in the neck. Do it anyway.

  2. Get vaccinated

The Lockdowns

There is a valid debate happening on how, legislatively, the lockdowns have been handled or should have been handled. Also on how long and how they should be extended. Ultimately I expect it to be a moot discussion pretty soon.

Again, the govt has made a mess of the process. Still, I believe the govt needs to have emergency powers during a pandemic. As long as the "correct" use is made of the emergency powers. At the moment I'm not in a position to second guess the approach because I don't have access to the data. And that's one of the valid complaints from various TDs and Senators....that they don't have access to the data either. That's not good.

As for people like John Waters and Gemma O'D and the National Party objecting to the lockdowns over the last while? Not a fan, to put it mildly.

I don't have any time for this govt, but they didn't invent the pandemic.

There's another angle to lockdowns. They have caused significant economic hardshipt to some people and to some industries. Now either we're all in it together or we're not. If we're not, that's not fair. And fair is important.

Read what I wrote in March 2020...when the pandemic was still new.