Education - Summary

Education in Ireland isn't bad. It's not the best in the world, but it's not bad at all. Still, there are some areas we could and should work on.

Further down I look at the different levels of education, one by one. First, there are come "principles" that I believe need to be mentioned first.

So, at a high level.....and not in any particular order... let's talk about some principles. (click here for more)

  • reducing the role of the church.

  • ensuring that everyone gets the same educational opportunities - irrespective of their parents' wealth

  • using technology to reduce costs and to increase access and quality of learning at all levels

Looking at the details....I can't fill in too much.

Pre-School/Child Care

There's a problem here if we want the economy to grow. Child care is too expensive. Someone (usually women) ends up spending too long out of their job.

What's the solution? Dunno right now. Let's find a country with a good system and copy that. Finland? Netherlands? France? Suggestions on a postcard please.

Primary School

The big issue in primary school is still the role and dominance of the church (churches). Has to be reduced.

Secondary level

Ireland's secondary system seems pretty good. But there does seem to be an issue particularly in places like Dublin where there are both underperforming areas (with persistent underperformance over time) and where there are self-reinforcing networks build up over generations in the private schools. The Irish left complains about the "insiders". They have a point.

3rd Level

Ireland seems to be getting lots of universities these days. With lots of duplication. That's expensive.

And with the last year proving that remote learning could work for lots of subjects, there's surely an opportunity to reduce spending - or to refocus spending on higher value areas.